FOO Crew Battles Homelessness

Homelessness and Food Insecurity

Globally, 1.6 billion people worldwide live in inadequate housing conditions, with about 15 million forcefully evicted every year, according to UN-Habitat, which has noted an alarming rise in homelessness in the last 10 years. Young people are the age group with the highest risk of becoming homeless according to the UN ( March 2020).

We help in so many ways! We partner with organizations like 211, local food banks, and other organizations who help those in need.

After Hurricane Ian that hit Florida, we helped locally to SWFL by buying clothing, food, beds, water, and gave our time to help others in whatever way we could. Our money went further by partnering with Walmart to buy items for a fraction of the sticker cost.

We have a bag of items that we Ring and Go. We pack non-perishable food items and a gift card in a bag and deliver to those in need. Family or friends usually request it for someone who they know is struggling. Holidays are especially difficult for the families who have small children, so each year we Ring and Go around Thanksgiving and Christmas! It is a great way to do something little or big for those near you and easy to get the kids involved as well. We never stay to see who the people are - we just hurry up and GO!

Get help: Call 211 or (407) 839-4357
When people are in the middle of a crisis, they often aren't sure where to turn, and many call 211. In 2021, local 211 specialists:
● Provided support for more than 949,494 callers experiencing suicidal ideation or another mental health crisis, or worried about someone else who was.
● Helped more than 111,000 people get assistance related to sexual assault, domestic violence, or human trafficking.
● Made more than 300,000 connections to disaster services like shelters, emergency food, evacuation assistance, and clean-up resources.
● Supported more than 156,000 individuals find support for addiction recovery.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill